Barista Training Courses in Dublin

                                                   Courses take place every Wednesday

                             Looking for Manual Handling or HACCP training?

What you’ll learn

  • 10 steps from farm to cup
  • Coffee beans and blend
  • Understanding the espresso machine
  • Grinder anatomy and the importance of grind size
  • Espresso techniques
  • Milk texturing
  • Production of espresso drinks incl. flat white, latte, cappuccino
  • Equipment maintenance and cleaning
  • Barista work-flow

Full 1 Day Course for the Aspiring Barista

The Irish Barista Academy offers comprehensive barista training courses for any aspiring barista, jobseeker who wants to expand their skills or manager looking to train their teams in latte art, coffee making and more- all in the heart of Dublin city centre. 

This one-day course combines coffee theory and practical barista training which will equip students with the necessary skills and knowledge to begin working as trained baristas immediately. Students will perfect their espresso brewing technique with extensive practical training on a fully manual, top of the line espresso coffee machine. Along the way, you will learn about the coffee journey ‘from farm to cup’, customer service and the art of milk steaming and stretching. This is a well-rounded full-day training course- a must for any aspiring barista.

Our barista course takes place over 1 full day, with training days taking place weekly. Successful barista training students can then register for jobs with Excel Recruitment, matching with experienced hospitality consultants, who can provide them with regular barista work across Dublin.

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